Dr. Carissa H. Stone specializes in the interventional treatment of chronic back, neck and all types of nerve and skeletal pain.

Florida Pain Relief Group provides advanced, minimally invasive pain relief treatments and therapies that target the pain.

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Chronic Pain Relief in Tampa with Dr. Carissa Stone

Dr. Carissa H. Stone integrates a whole person wellness and nutritional approach to her practice which includes discussions on weight loss and dietary changes as needed. She believes in a comprehensive approach to pain management in order to achieve maximum patient functional restoration.

Florida Pain Relief Group is the #1 provider of pain relief and pain management treatment in the Tampa Bay area. Our specialists, like Dr. Stone, combine their extensive pain relief expertise with advanced therapies and minimally invasive techniques to make sure your chronic pain is managed and that you can get back to living a full, active, pain-free life!

With Dr. Stone and Florida Pain Relief Group in your corner, pain doesn’t stand a fighting chance. We’ll get you back out there to enjoy life with loved ones faster.

Dr. Ed Singleton

Dr. Carissa H. Stone

“Your pain is our concern and we strive to educate and help with prevention and recovery. “

Carissa H. Stone M.D. has been practicing Pain Management since 1992 when she began her residency in Anesthesiology at the University of South Florida which she completed in 1995. She also completed a fellowship in Spinal Cord Injury and Rehabilitation at the James Haley VA.

Dr. Stone currently works with Florida Pain Relief Group in Tampa, Florida where she helps patients just like you get relief from chronic, lasting pain stemming from injury or illness. Contact Dr. Stone today if you’re ready to begin living pain-free.

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